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Shipping & Returns


We are always busy to check your order immediately and to deliver in time.
Usually this needs 3-4 workdays for Germany.
Delivery-time for the most countries of Europe will be 7-9 workdays. Please contact us for details.
If there is a product not in stock, you will get notice about.
The delivery will always go by the cheapest shipping service.
For delivery to Germany we take 4,90 Euro.
For delivery to other EU-countries we take 9,90 Euro.
If you have an ID-number for EU countries, you will get the invoice without tax.

Return and Exchange
We allow an exchange in between 14 days.
The revocation can be per phone, email or letter.
Also you can send the goods in between 14 days back to us after agreement.
The costs for the return takes the customer.
Except from return and exchange are goods made for customers requirement.
Please inform us immediately about damages at shipping.

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